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If you came to this page because you are looking for merzci pasalubong to bring home to your love ones, you are in the right place! We provide stress-free & convenient online shopping, fast delivery and money back guarantee.

However, if you are looking for something else, chat with us and let us know what you need so we can better assist you.


How to Order Bongbong's Piaya

Merzci Butter Scotch 25pcs 545g

Butter Scotch 25pcs 545g

Merzci Butter Scotch 9pcs 160g

Butter Scotch 9pcs

Merzci Caramel Tart 5pcs 100g

Caramel Tart 5pcs 100g

Merzci Cheese Tarts 6pcs 130g

Cheese Tarts 6pcs 130g

Merzci Mango Bars 9s 180g

Mango Bars 9s 180g

Merzci Mango Tarts 6pcs 170g

Mango Tarts 6pcs 170g

Merzci Piaya 10 pcs - Mango 250g

Mango Flavored Piaya 250g

Merzci Piaya 10 pcs - Original 410g

Piaya Original 10pcs 410g

Merzci Piaya 10 pcs - Ube 410g

Piaya Ube 10pcs 410g

Merzci Piaya 10 pcs BOX - Original 450g

Piaya Original 10pcs 410g

Merzci Piaya 10 pcs BOX - Ube 450g

Piaya Ube 10pcs in BOX 450g

Merzci Piaya 5 pcs - Ube 200g

Piaya Ube 5pcs 200g

Merzci Piaya 5pcs - Original 200g

Piaya Original 5pcs 200g

Merzci Pineapple Tarts 6pcs 160g

Pineapple Tarts 6pcs 160g

Merzci Cinnful Biscocho 160g

Cinnful Biscocho 160g

Merzci Special Biscocho 200g

Special Biscocho 200g

Merzci Special Biscocho 420g

Special Biscocho 420g