Our Story

Welcome to Pasalubong Treats, KABABAYAN!

We want to help you satisfy your cravings and also, bring happiness and love to your loved ones you want to surprise with Pasalubong Treats from Bacolod City!


We are Jun and Lyn.  Born and raised in the Philippines but spent our 20s to mid-30s in the US since 2001. While in the US, we lived a very typical American life. Jun worked for a telecom company from 9-6 while Lyn stayed at home to raise the kids. In 2006, we started building an online business working from home (on the side, after Jun's full time day job). With our partnership with another couple, we were able grow our business and we even made it to Inc500's list of fast growing online businesses in America in 2011.

Jun then started working full-time at home for our online business and in 2013, we moved back to the Philippines for good. Since our business is online, we can practically live anywhere and still manage our business as long as there's fast internet.

Having lived in the US for a decade, we were kind of shocked in the Philippines not to have the same convenience of online shopping like the business that we run.  Most of the online shops here are just through social media platforms.  In order to place an order, you have to send a "PM" to the owner. And then payment is a pain because you still have to deposit the money through a bank or some money remittance center.

One time, we were visiting Tagaytay when we bought a very delicious toasted pastillas. We wanted to buy a lot but then with its very short shelf life (about a week), we cannot stock up. We thought, something like this should be available for purchase online so whenever we crave for it, we don't have to go back to Tagaytay to buy another (We are based in Bacolod so Tagaytay is a plane ride plus about 2 hour-car ride from Manila).

Since we have been in the e-commerce business serving the US prepaid mobile market since 2006, we already know how online shopping business works and how many people we can help by providing a convenient online shopping experience. With our knowledge in e-commerce, we can practically sell anything online. This is when we thought of selling great-tasting Filipino delicacies online.

Our mission to help our Kababayans, especially our visiting Balikbayans to get access to Filipino local delicacies anytime and anywhere. Also, we want to help promote the products of our local pasalubong vendors who don't have online shops.

Our pasalubong online store is a true e-commerce transaction from order placement to payment. No calls or PMs necessary to place an order and payments are also processed online, right at the comfort of your home.

At this time, most of our products are based on where we live, Bacolod City, the Sugar Capital of the Philippines. Bacolod is known for piaya delicacy which is made up of unleavened bread with raw sugar called Muscovado. It is very popular that it is often brought by our Kababayans as pasalubong to family and friends abroad. Other popular yummy treats from Bacolod are barquillos, mango tart, caramel tart (also known as Boat Tart), cheese tart, biscocho, butterscotch and a lot more.

Our ultimate goal is to help you save time on buying your favorite Bacolod delicacies by providing you a convenient and hassle-free online shopping experience at our site.

Some of our products are actually available in Metro Manila groceries. But considering the time you'll spend in traffic especially if you're just in the Philippines for a short vacation, it may not be worth-it. Also, you can expect to get the freshest delicacy compared to the grocery shelves. We always send the newly manufactured goodies. We ship daily and goodies are delivered within the Philippines in 1-3 days.


For your convenience and for best value, we have bundled the pasalubong treats into pasalubong packs. This is to maximize the shipping box so you are assured that you are getting the most cost-effective shipping. Oftentimes, pasalubong manufacturers in Bacolod tell us that their customers are often surprised with the shipping costs given the weight of the goodies. As much as possible, we don't want you to worry and get surprised with the shipping cost. 



Of course, buying goods online can be pricier compared to buying at a local store. Especially here in the Philippines, the cost of shipping goods with a reliable courier is more expensive compared to shipping options in the US. What's included in the pricing is of course, the cost of the goods, the mark-up for covering operating costs, the processing fees for credit card payments, the shipping and handling costs, marketing costs and the website development and maintenance costs.



Most of the time, with online purchasing, the shipping cost is always the turning point for completing the purchase. But come to think of it, buying online for something you really love that is not readily accessible to you actually saves you a lot of time, money and energy. 


Time You can actually place the order anytime it's convenient for you, even in the middle of the night. You don't have to get out of your house, drive or commute and endure the traffic (and the bad weather!).  As long as you have internet access, you can buy anything online.  You can view all the available items without walking through the aisles or kiosks in a mall or grocery store which takes time. Remember, time is gold.

Money You don't have to spend for transportation. Just imagine the cost of getting to Bacolod if you still need to ride the plane! Or even if the products are readily available in the groceries in Manila, you don't have to spend on gas or Grab car, parking fees and other "extra" expenses when going to the mall. You will get your goodies right at your doorstep fresh from Bacolod City.

Energy We made ordering as easy and user-friendly as possible. No need to call, to send PM or email. No need to mix and match products and quantities and in the end, get surprised with the shipping costs! You can just browse through the pasalubong packs, add to cart, pay and just relax while we process your order.



For our traveling Kababayans, if you are visiting the Philippines for a short period of time and you are looking for Bacolod delicacies to bring back in your home abroad, you can simply shop at our online store and we will ship the goodies to your local address in the Philippines during your vacation. In just a few clicks, you already have "instant" pasalubong treats ready for you when you fly back to your home abroad.


We personally buy, pack and ship the goodies for you. Rest assured that we handle your order with utmost care and we do our best to get them to you the quickest time possible.  


For your satisfaction, we will always be here for you.

Jun & Lyn